Assessment, Methodology and Evaluation

The division is part of the Netherlands Educational Research Association (VOR) and was founded in 1992. The division has a focus on research methodology, educational measurement, educational evaluation and assessment. A large proportion of the members also participate in other divisions of VOR, of the approximately 80 members, 20 belong exclusively to this division. The division recognises that there are specialised groups active in several areas of methodology and evaluation, ranging from development of statistical models to innovative research procedures within an applied context. The division aims for improving interaction between researchers with different methodological research interests and between the more theoretical specialisations and applied researchers. 


The division performs the following activities:
• The organisation of the Division’s theme during the annual Education Research Days (ORD)
• The organising of symposia and forum discussions 
• The co-organising of congresses with other professional societies


Members of the division are mainly researchers who are affiliated with universities and research institutions. 

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