International Conference – World of Talent 2021 on June 16-18, 2021, online from Hanze UAS Groningen, the Netherlands

Moving forward stronger

Talent development or honors programs can play a crucial role in preparing talented students to handle the great challenges of our time. But exactly how can educational programs foster talent? How can teachers be equipped to help students reach their full potential? And how can honors students positively contribute to solving societal challenges?

In a world hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, these questions are more urgent than ever. The World of Talent 2021 international conference on Talent Development and Honors Education provides a platform for dialogue. We warmly welcome you 'virtually' to Groningen, the Netherlands from 16-18 June 2021


The goal of the conference is to strengthen honors education and research by exchanging knowledge drawn from research & practice.  

Also at the conference

·        Trends in talent development and honors in higher education in research and practice 

·        Diverse palette of keynotes, parallel sessions and creative events for new insights and inspiration

·        Plenty of opportunities to expand your network and start new collaborations. 


The Research Centre for Talent Development in Higher Education and Society and Hanze Honors College at Hanze UAS in close cooperation with the European Honors Council.


·        Open from 20 May 2021


Your contribution to the conference World of Talent 2021 is very welcome. There are two ways to contribute:

1.      Request a Wild Card slot for a ‘live’ presentation/session. While most of the program is already set, we have reserved a few time slots in the conference for last minute additions. We call these ‘Wild card’ sessions. You can send in a proposal for a 15-minute, 30-minute or 45-minute session, based on the template provided. Different types of contributions, such as a presentation, discussion panel, workshop or other, will be considered. The deadline for proposals is May 30th. The conference team will notify you as soon as possible afterwards. Please see detailed instructions here.

2.      Prepare a poster for the virtual poster session. In the conference’s online environment, we build a feature where posters can be shown. There is no need to send in your posters beforehand; the poster section will be opened during the conference and you can upload it yourself. The form of the poster is free, but please be aware that people view your poster on a computer screen. You are asked to upload in the form of a pdf file not larger than 5 MB.

Keep in touch

We are working on the program of the conference. Please check for updates on speakers, topics, and social events, further social media channels include Twitter and LinkedIn. If you wish to unsubscribe from this mailing list, please use this link