NRO - connection awards

Until July 3, 2017 teachers and education researchers can join for the NRO-connection awards.

NRO-education award is for teachers and the NRO VOR practice award for researchers; both prizes are 2,000 euros each.


  • NRO-education award
    For teachers who effectively using insights from scientific research within their schools.
  • NRO-VOR-practice award
    For education Researchers whose research is translated effectively into a product or activity for educational practice.

More information and registration

The “NRO-connection awards” are an initiative of the National Education Research (NRO) in collaboration with the Dutch Association for Educational Research (VOR), PO-raad, VO-raad, MBO raad and the ‘Onderwijs Cooperatie’.

The Award ceremony will be organised during the NRO conference November 1, 2017.

On behalf of the organizing team of the NRO-connection prices.