Universität Innsbruck: Call for Papers for an Edited Book


Call for Papers for an Edited Book

Institutions and Organizations as Learning Environments for Participation and Democracy? Opportunities, Challenges, Obstacles

Dr Reingard Spannring, University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Education
Prof Dr Wilfried Smidt, University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Education
Dr Christine Unterrainer, University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science

Background and Book Concept

One part of the literature on participation, which is often motivated by the problem of social and political disengagement, is concerned with activities in relation to formal politics such as voting, membership in political parties and demonstrating. Another strand of discussion under the heading of participation refers to access to institutions and organizations such as the education system or the labour market drawing attention to inequalities and discrimination.This aspect harks back to the former in that lack of integration in education and labour market can contribute to social and political disengagement.

However, one can also consider these institutions and organizations as places of participation, as learning places for participation and as places for the deliberation and development of the common good. It is in this latter sense that we look at institutions and organizations that involve people at various stages of the life course.

We analyse and critically discuss which concepts of participation are meaningful in these contexts, how and how successfully they are implemented, and which obstacles to establishing and living a participative and democratic community are encountered. The edited book contains five sections referring to participation and democracy in institutions and organizations as learning environments. The sections represent the stages of the life course. Each of the five sections comprises two to three individual contributions, each focusing on a specific institution.

The chapters thus refer to the following sections:

1. Early Childhood (e.g. crèches, preschools, children's homes)
2. Middle Childhood and Youth ( e.g. compulsory school, after-school care, youth work,
youth organisations)
3. Young Adulthood (e.g. vocational education and training, companies)
4. Adulthood (e.g. companies, further education and training institutions, prisons)
5. Advanced Adulthood and Old Age (e.g. old people’s homes, volunteer facilities, companies)

In addition, the book contains three sections referring to issues which are relevant for

participation at virtually all stages of the life course:

6. Gender

7. People with Disabilities

8. Migrants and Ethnic Minorities

We welcome empirical and purely conceptual manuscripts and cordially invite authors to submit proposals. Potential authors are requested to submit by November 1st 2019 a 500-word abstract containing a reference list (in addition to the 500 words) summarizing the nature and contribution of the paper. Please include (in addition to the reference list) a short biography of your current position and institutional affiliation, as well as a list of your own relevant publications (max 500 words).

The review procedure will consist of three stages. First, the editors will review the proposals and inform potential authors about the preliminary acceptance of their proposals until December 15th 2020. Second, the editors will submit the entire book proposal to the publisher for the purpose of a second review process. After the publisher has approved the proposal, the editors will invite the authors to write the article. A deadline for the final chapters is envisioned for end of June 2020. Third, two external experts will review the full contributions of the authors.

The editors are seeking a leading international academic publisher for the book. Springer has already expressed interest in publishing the book. For further information for this edited book, particularly if potential authors have concerns about whether their proposal fits the book, one of the editors can be contacted: Dr Reingard Spannring (reingard.spannring@uibk.ac.at),

Please e-mail proposals to:
Dr Reingard Spannring
University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Faculty of Education