15 mei 2019- Mini-conferentie Diversiteit in het Onderwijs

Op woensdag 15 mei vindt een bijzondere mini-conferentie over diverisiteit in het onderwijs plaats, getiteld "There's more in me, than the eye can see: embracing gender and ethnic-cultural diversity in education”.

This symposium focuses on two prominent domains of diversity that are highly relevant for students’ social identity and their educational success: ethnic-cultural diversity and gender diversity, and their interaction (intersectionality). It entails a hands-on event with workshops and two keynote lectures by internationally renowned experts on diversity, Dr. Els Consuegra (Free University of Brussels) and Dr. Orhan Agirdag (University of Amsterdam, KU Leuven). We reach out to educational researchers and educational sociologists in the field, by providing a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences, and discussing approaches to acknowledge the interrelated domains of ethnic-cultural diversity and gender diversity in research and education.

  • Date: May 15th 2019
  • Time: 10:00-18:00 hours
  • Location: Academy Building, University of Groningen

U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor dit evenement. Voor meer informatie en opgave, zie: