Symposium educational theory development with Paul Ashwin

De divisie Hoger onderwijs organiseert een symposium met

Prof. dr. Paul Ashwin - Department of Educational Research - Lancaster University, UK
dinsdag 21 November 10-12 uur met aansluitend lunch
ICLON, Universiteit Leiden

Developing theories through your research

The purpose of this session is to help researchers to consider how they might develop theories through their research. The workshop is designed to give researchers an insight into the relations between the development of theories, the reviewing of literature and the analysis of data. It will also highlight that often the development of a theoretical framework is something that is an ongoing, iterative part of the research process rather than something that is settled once-and-for-all at the beginning of projects.  

The session will be equally useful to those working on empirical and non-empirical research studies. Please come to the session with ideas about a particular project that you would like to develop theory in relation to.

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