Symposium Research Skill development with John Willison

De divisie Hoger onderwijs organiseert symposium met

Dr. John Willison - School of Education - University of Adelaide, Australia
vrijdag 10 november 13:30-15:30 met aansluitend borrel
Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Universities have until recently been sites where a small proportion of students successfully intuit research processes. However the shift to research-based learning (RBL) for a large proportion of students has provided an evident need for explicit and coherent development of students’ discipline-specific research skills. This workshop will enable you to address this need by providing time to collaboratively:

  • Derive the facets of the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework
  • Modify the RSD so that it works for you
  • Plan how to use your version of the RSD to dynamically inform student learning and assessment with feedback
  • Ponder on the RSD as a Thinking Routine that can provide a conceptual spine throughout a degree
  • Learn about how the RSD is used by universities in the South Pacific to empower Pacific peoples and in Australia to enhance coherence across degrees and conceptually connect people in different contexts.

Together, the workshop will help you connect: the sometimes separate pieces of student RBL and their other learning experiences; to others using their own versions of the RSD; and to vulnerable communities that are benefitting from using the RSD. See also:

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