The ‘Curriculum’ division raises questions about the design and structure of education and training. As such, questions concern the level of the education system or an element of it (macro), the level of the school, the organisation or business (meso), the level of the class- or learning situation (micro) and/or the possible interactions and discrepancies between these levels. Here it concerns four themes.

The division aims to play a stimulating role in realising a more explicit link between curriculum development and curriculum research and between curriculum theory and the problems that play in education- and training practice. They want to do that through clear specialising and intensifying of empirical curriculum research, also in an international context. Such research must lead to a systematic justification for future choices and future interventions from within the curriculum domain. Where possible and relevant, cooperation with the other VOR-divisions, especially the divisions 'teacher-training and teachers behaviour',' ICT ',' learning and instruction’ and ‘corporate training, vocational and adult education’ are pursued.

The activities of the division are outlined as follows:

  • Contribution to the programming and organisation of the Educational Research Days (ORD) theme ‘Curriculum’ 
  • Organisation of an annual meeting focussed on a specific curriculum theme in theory and practice 
  • Promotion of information maintenance via this website to members of the division 
  • Communication in the curriculum domain with European colleagues via the Curriculum Research Network (Network 3) of the European Educational Research Association (EERA)


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