PhD Network (VPO)

The VPO was founded in 1991 by PhD-students in the field of education who felt the need to exchange information amongst fellow PhD-students. VPO members are, like VOR members, conducting research in the following fields:

  • Assessment, Methodology & Evaluation
  • Policy and Organization
  • Vocational Education, Business Education and Skills
  • Curriculum
  • Domain Specific Aspects of Education
  • Higher Education
  • ICT
  • Teacher & Teacher Education
  • Learning & Instruction
  • Education & Society

The VPO currently has approximately 175 members and welcomes all PhD-students and junior researchers who conduct research in one of the fields mentioned above. The main objectives are: (1) exchange of information on current research, courses and conferences, (2) networking; meeting with fellow PhD-students and other researchers, and (3) support on the process of your PhD-project. In order to do this, the VPO board organizes several activities and keeps their members up-to-date via newsletters, social media and this website.

VPO Board

The VPO board is responsible for the national coordination, management of the finances, keeping the address and project files up-to-date, the continuity of existing activities and for creating new activities. Examples of existing activities are the organization of a VPO symposium, “The supervisor of the Year” award, the Education Research Days (ORD) pre-conference and the annual VPO party during the ORD.

Chairman, treasurer, PR & general board
The general board tasks are carried out by the chairman and the treasurer. For general questions / ideas you can contact the chairman via This is also the place to be if you want to register or cancel a membership, change data, etc. Information about money matters can be obtained from the treasurer.

Max Kusters (Chairman) 
Simone Rijksen (Treasurer) 
Julia van Leeuwen (PR)
Imke Brummer (General Board Member)
Esther Karkdijk (General board member) 
Maria Custers (General board member) 
Saskia Arbon (General board member)
Iris Decabooter (General board member)

IBAN: NL34INGB0007549985