Education and Society

The Education and Society Division of the Netherlands Educational Research Association is also is part of the society OOMO. OOMO is the professional society of educational sociologists and others who are interested in sociological questions about the relationship between education and social environment. The society considers, in particular, the aspect of inequality an important part of the social environment and aims to vigorously promote theory and research on this aspect. Furthermore, it seeks to promote social-science research on the topic of education and social environment at large; to encourage theory development in this area; to provide scientific contributions to- and critique upon the policy surrounding this area; to look after the interests of researchers in the mentioned subject area in their relationship with clients and funders as well as with others; to promote education surrounding the subject area. 

The society strives to attain this goal through

  1. serving as a scientific forum, by means of organising meetings, conferences and the like;
  2. encouraging publications in the field in question;
  3. promoting the development, implementation and evaluation of research proposals; 
  4. maintaining relationships with related organisations within the Netherlands and abroad;
  5. publishing of a newsletter

The society OOMO bi-annually organises the Educational Sociological conference. The society provides sessions on the Social Scientific Study-days. As the Education and Society division of the VOR, it provides the sessions for the division in that field on the annual Education Research Days.

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