Vocational education, corporate training and craftsmanship

The focus of the division is learning and development before and during occupation. On the one hand, this involves the preparation and development of skills in vocational education. On the other hand, this involves the further development of people in companies and other organizations (also known as Human Resource Development, HRD, including corporate training). Nearly 60% of the Dutch workforce followed vocational education. Education must, more than before, prepare pupils and students for lifelong learning. Changes such as globalization, rapid technological innovation and a decrease in job security, make continuing learning and development after initial education necessary. There is also more attention to workplace learning individually or in teams, in which companies and organizations have a supporting role for the learning of their employees.

What do we do? Through research and knowledge in this context, members of this division try, in collaboration with practitioners, to develop understanding of processes, conditions and outcomes of learning and development before or during occupation. This includes both fundamental, practice-based and policy-oriented research. The division promotes knowledge development and sharing on vocational education, HRD (including corporate training) and craftsmanship. We hope to contribute to generating new insights and ideas for research and practice. To this end, the division BBV is open to both researchers and those who use research in their work or have more general affinity with research and the application of research in practice. In particular, this combination makes it so interesting to join the division. It offers researchers a network in which they can can apply their research findings or see them applied. For practitioners, it provides a network to reflect on daily practice and to improve daily practice with the help of colleagues and researchers.

Annual activities

1. Well stocked division program at the annual Education Research Days (Onderwijs Research Dagen, ORD).

2. A afternoon meeting on a research theme and/or a company visit on HRM and vocational education.

3. Alerts on other activities organized within the content area of ​​the division.


The composition of the board of the BBV division is as follows:

Dr. Niek van den Berg (Strix Aluco - research & innovation, and Aeres University Wageningen) - Chair

Dr. Piety Runhaar (Wageningen University) - Secretary

Dr. Renate Wesselink (Wageningen University) - General member

Dr. Maaike Endendijk (University of Twente) - General member

Dr. Marc Coenders (NHL) - General member

Drs. Mark Hesselink (Check Vocational Education) - General member



Niek van den Berg strixaluco.onderzoek.innovatie@gmail.com

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