Teaching and Teacher Education

The division Teaching and Teacher Education (T & TE) works in cooperation with the research working group of the Dutch Association of Teacher Educators (VELON). The mission of the division is to bring together researchers and practitioners to share and discuss research on teaching, teacher education and teacher professional development from different theoretical and methodological perspectives.

The goals of the division include:

  • promoting research in the domain of teaching and teacher education
  • allowing members to take note of research in the domain of teaching and teacher education
  • promoting communication and cooperation between members
  • promoting the use of results from research and theory building in the domain of teaching and teacher education in educational practice

The division has more than 100 members and meets at least twice a year. The meetings attempt to establish a link between the results of educational research and training practice. Apart from the division meetings, the division co-organises its programme in the annual Educational Research Days (ORD) and initiates an activity (via the co-ordinator of the VELON- research working group) in the annual VELON – conference to encourage research within the VELON. In the division meetings of previous years were discussed topics such as mentoring, coaching, assessment, learning in the work place, teacher’s practical knowledge, competence-based training, teacher’s practitioner research, teachers’ pedagogical task, and teacher professional learning in innovation processes. 

In the meetings, as much attention is paid to recently completed dissertations as to practitioner research. We strive to allow a colleague from educational practice to reflect on a scientific research project. Similarly a university researcher discusses practitioner research. In doing so and through the mix of participants active in university and HBO teacher-training, the meetings frequently adress the meaning of research for practice and the meaning of practice for research. 

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