Vacancy WUR: Tenure Track Teaching and learning for the unfolding of human potential to support sustainable development

Vacancy: Tenure Track Teaching and learning for the unfolding of human potential to support sustainable development

Where: Wageningen, The Netherlands
Apply before: 16/01/2023
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The focus on this topic aligns with the new vision of the Education and Learning Sciences (ELS) chair group and it’s collaboration within the WUR Social Sciences cluster SPICE (Section Philosophy, Innovation and Technology, Communication and Education.
We expect you to develop your own research line on the topic of learning and teaching for inner development. The position aims to support educational design, pedagogies and learning processes and assessment in relation to inner development goals also in relation to the global sustainability challenges in which people’s lives are nested. The focus on this inner dimension of learning brings all kinds of interesting questions, such as how to educate or train for it (within different target groups), how to assess it, how to optimise and innovate learning trajectories and learning environments and tools such that they also support this dimension, next to the more cognitive dimension. The focus also brings new ideas for expanding the education programme of ELS within and beyond WUR.
We expect you to attract research funds for this thread of education and research, to build up a leading (inter)national position, and that your work contributes to the development of educational innovation related to this field, also within and outside WUR.
You will be offered considerable freedom to develop your own research profile within the broad contours sketched here, which is to complement existing expertise in the Education and Learning Sciences group and link to ongoing activities within and outside Wageningen University & Research. As a teacher, you are expected to teach, coach and motivate our students – both at introductory and more advanced levels – and to develop new courses in your field of study.

We ask

You are a visionary and enthusiastic scientist, teacher and team player, dedicated to research and teaching in the domain of education and learning sciences, preferably with expertise and experience in relation to the non-cognitive dimension of learning (including aforementioned subtopics) and affinity with the broader WUR domain of sustainable development.

You also have:

  • a background and a PhD in the field of Education and Learning Sciences, Psychology or a related social science domain, with specific expertise in one or more of the domains of attitudes, ethics or entrepreneurial mindset, professional identity development, resilience, anxiety, dealing with uncertainty, dialogue and collaboration;
  • the ability to acquire funding for research on the topic of the Tenure Track position;
  • knowledge and expertise in designing and conducting local (i.e. WUR), national and international research and innovation projects, including the capability to collaborate across the boundaries of disciplines and sectors;
  • experience with developing and teaching university-wide courses as well as smaller-scale courses, connecting students from multiple WUR study programs, academics from WUR science fields and societal stakeholders for responding to grand challenges related;
  • a vision on (higher) education and completed the University Teaching Qualification programme (or the intention to do so);
  • proven expertise in the domain of the position, for example visible via publications, participation in educational innovation or other science for impact projects, NWO or EU funded projects, etc.


For more information please consult the website of the Wageningen University.