Call for WERA-IRN Proposals

International Research Networks (IRNs) World Education Research Association
Call for WERA-IRN Proposals to establish International Research Networks may be submitted by scholars interested in the formation of a new research group or by scholars from an existing group.

Deadline for Submission: 1 February 2023

All the information is available in the attached .pdf

The World Education Research Association (WERA) invites proposals to establish International Research Networks (IRNs). The purpose of WERA-IRNs is to advance education research worldwide on specific research topics. IRNs are collaborative groups of scholars working on a specific research topic. IRNs synthesize knowledge, examine the state of research, and stimulate collaborations or otherwise identify promising directions in research areas of worldwide significance. In order to avoid expenses and carbon footprint, IRNs work primarily through virtual communication.

IRNs are required to produce a substantive report that sets forth the state of knowledge worldwide and promising research directions on the topic of the IRN. All IRNs are expected to prepare such a research synthesis report as the first task of their work and publish it. Despite of the other research activities or initiatives of an IRN, an examination of the research worldwide on a topic is the initial contribution. Also, WERA-IRNs are expected to present their work at WERA symposia or keynote sessions or to meet at a WERA Focal Meeting held in cooperation with a WERA member association.

All IRNs advance their research areas of interest through producing a major report on the state of the knowledge and promising research directions. They additionally may pursue other activities and initiatives that contribute to the development of new knowledge, findings, or data that chart directions for future research worldwide. All IRNs include participants (i) from different countries and parts of the world to engender worldwide collaboration, and (ii) students and junior scholars to promote capacity building.

All IRNs have a commitment to wide communication and dissemination beyond any one country or region. IRNs are expected to use WERA dissemination platforms, including the WERA website and presentations at WERA Focal Meetings (assuming favorable peer review). It is expected that IRN synthesis reports will be submitted for potential publication in the WERA book series, Global Perspectives on Education Research (GPER), and that IRNs will pursue additional forms of dissemination.