Vacature PhD: PhD Position Future Engineering Skills

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De TU Delft gaat zich ook begeven op het pad van onderwijsonderzoek!
Er is een programma gestart, IDEE (Innovations in Delft Engineering Education), en daar horen een aantal PhD en postdoc posities bij.

Job description

Most engineers will eventually work in a multidsciplinary environment which requires transdisciplinary skills in addition to discipline-related skills. What are these future skills and how can a Technical University secure the development of these skills in all programmes across faculties?
The PhD will work in a cross-faculty research team of more than twenty TU Delft staff members, two post-docs, an educational development specialist and student assistants. The group works on four work packages and conducts educational research with respect to: (1) finding and analysing current good practices and helping to create an inventory of what skills are desired from engineers by potential employers; (2) co-developing pilot teaching activities focusing on various transdisciplinary skills on the basis of theory, literature and best practices; (3) testing these activities and investigating how transdisciplinary skills may develop in practice and create a knowledge base on how various skills could be taught; (4) inform and assist the team in activities on institution wide educational development with respect to future engineering skills.

This PhD project will focus on the first three work packages, and is one of three similar projects in the Initative on Innovation in Delft Engineering Education (IDEE), supported by the TU Delft Teaching Academy. The candidate will work in close vicinity of the other PhDs working in IDEE.

Institutional setting of this PhD position

This PhD position is part of the Initiative on Innovation in Delft Engineering Education (IDEE). IDEE is a cross-faculty program for innovations and research in engineering education for degree programs at TU Delft. IDEE addresses the challenges faced by the university in providing student-centric, world-class education and uses an engineering design approach to shape TU Delft's engineering education. IDEE offers opportunities for scientific staff members to work on TU-wide educational challenges in thematic teams. Teams will design, implement, and investigate innovations in education.

This PhD project is one of the research projects within IDEE at TU Delft. The candidate will work in close vicinity of the other IDEE PhD candidates, supported by the TU Delft Teaching Academy.