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Education in an Era of Risk - the Role of Educational Research for the Future

Education in an Era of Risk - the Role of Educational Research for the Future

ERC: 2 - 3 September 2019
ECER: 3 - 6 September 2019
Universität Hamburg

EERA and the Universität Hamburg invite Educational Researchers to submit proposals for the European Conference on Educational Research 2019.

ECER, the annual conference held by the European Educational Research Association (EERA), welcomes over 2,500 scholars each year, representing views and research traditions from all parts of Europe and beyond. ECER is preceded by EERA‘s Emerging Researchers‘ Conference (ERC).

 Dates & Details

* ECER 2019: 3 - 6 Sept '19
* ERC 2019: 2 - 3 Sept '19
* Submission ends:  31 Jan '19
* Review Results: 1 April '19
* Submissions to be sent in via

Determination Theory Conference 2019 in Egmond aan Zee,The Netherlands

We would like to inform you that the final deadline for abstract submission is Friday, January 11, 201

Participants will receive a decision by February 13, 2019.

Paper/poster and symposium submission
To submit an abstract please visit the online sites paper/poster abstract site or the symposium abstract site

EERA's NW3 Curriculum Innovation and EuroACS Summer School

EERA's NW3 Curriculum Innovation and EuroACS Summer School
Curriculum studies: Origins, Trajectories and Practices
In Maynooth University, Ireland 10th and 11th June 2019

EERA's Network 3 Curriculum Innovation with the support of EERA will run a summer school for post-graduate students and early career researchers in curriculum studies. The programme will feature dialogical workshops from both European and North American traditions of curriculum scholarship, covering curriculum origins, trajectories and practice, and approaches to researching curriculum. The summer school will provide an excellent platform for a deeper dive into the subject and to find colleague researchers in the curriculum domain. Some of the proposed workshop themes are:

Oproep PS Schrijfretraite

Oproep PS Schrijfretraite
Deadline: maandag 18 januari 2019

De redactie van Pedagogische studiën (PS) organiseert voorafgaand aan de ORD in Heerlen een schrijfretraite. Tijdens deze retraite krijg je de gelegenheid om feedback te vragen aan de ervaren auteurs uit de redactie op wetenschappelijke manuscripten. De retraite zal plaatsvinden op maandag 24 juni en dinsdag 25 juni 2019 in Heerlen.


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